Dream collection

This Winter

The Majestic Dream Line Collection™

This unique collection is our benchmark brand specifically created to provide the ultimate in comfort while you relax, sleep or spend any time in bed. The GelCor™ patented hybrid state-of-the-art system created by KERV Technologies combines the cooling comfort of memory gel with the deep support of an elaborate titanium alloy spring construction. This advanced technology is decorated with the highest quality fabrics available. The dream collection represents the genesis of mattress comfort for the 21st century and best of all it’s made in the U.S.A.

The Surreal™

Provides an unbelievable sleeping experience of ingenuity and elegance woven together to provide hours of tranquil sleep uniquely designed to restore your energy.

The Lucid™

Enduring balanced comfort with a memory foam enriched pillow top supported by the most innovative coil system ever created. You will virtually drift away into a dreamlike state to awake rejuvenated.

The Timeless™

A manifestation of decades of oneirology* that combines science, trial and error and artistry to create this remarkable brand of comfort. This advanced technology takes sleep comfort to another dimension.


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